If you are enthusiastic to learn about the largest annual gathering of people anywhere on earth, don’t miss this opportunity!
Each year more than 20 million people from different backgrounds join Arbaeen Walk from Najaf to Karbala in Iraq. The color of your skin, the language you speak, the country you were born in and your social status don’t matter there. All the people are hosted by Iraqis at no cost for the whole duration between the two cities. We can hardly see this generosity and hospitality in the world. Despite being at war for many years, the way its people open their hearts and homes and serve you is unbelievable. Although this walk has a religious background, but it is open to people from different religions and beliefs.

Through our new opportunity you can learn about Arbaeen Walk and be an ambassador for peace and justice. Through this online training program, in addition to receiving training, an amazing opportunity will be given to participants! This surprise will be revealed during the program exclusively to participants.
The program is open to all applicants from all over the world and is free of charge. The program will be online and includes multiple webinars, training courses and discussions, starting from 20th October 2020.

People rightly call it the journey of peace, justice and solidarity.
How can human beings with all these different thoughts and different ideas come together without possibilities in the perfection of love and security?
If you seek peace, you must practice peace.

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