Western Asian Development Institute (WADI) is inviting you to apply to the International Online Summer School “Experience Iran” 2021.

In this event, participants will form a well-rounded perspective of Iran and have their eyes opened by working closely with Iranian community and will e-meet like-minded people from all over the world. Participants will have the opportunity to virtually explore the natural beauty and cultural richness of this fascinating country. Participants will receive online interactive workshops, cultural programs, team works, and virtual tours to e-visit the beauty of Iran. The workshops will cover Iran’s history, culture, cuisine, arts, policy, and religion, as well as introducing how to plan a visit to Iran and sharing work and study opportunities in Iran.

This e-program is open for youth from around the world who want to break stereotypes created by the mass media against Iran, and experience this misunderstood country as it really is.

The participants who get at least 80 score (out of 100) from the final evaluation will receive a Partially Funded Scholarship to visit Iran in 2022 (The host institute will cover all the costs while in Iran).

What You will get?

Learn directly from Iran about its history, culture, and lifestyle
Understand more about Iran’s study and work opportunities
Find new opportunities such as new perspectives, friends, and ideas by learning different topics with participants who come from all over the world.
Build a long-lasting friendship with global participants
Win a partially funded scholarship to visit Iran in 2022

Application deadline: 28 August 2021
Event dates: 1-4 September 2021

Registration Fee: 20 Euro

Registration Link: bit.ly/iransummer or https://forms.gle/e1dvjMKMtwkJKcQv5

Download Summer School Schedule

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