Given the importance of the growth of the nature tourism industry in improving the economic and environmental protection status and the current adverse situation in the nature tourism industry of Iran, the Union of Iranian Environmental Student Scientific Associations, in cooperation with the Western Asian Development Institute, the Environmental and Natural Resources Student Club, the Environmental Alumni Association has decided to facilitate the upgrading and entry of environmental professionals into the field. Therefore, this project will try to facilitate the necessary conditions for students to enter this field and take courses related to this industry for students. One of the main courses for students entering the environment and related fields in the tourism industry is the passing of the Nature Guides course. At the end of this course, learners can take the Tour Guides exam and start working as official guides for nature if they are required to score at least. In addition to holding guides, other activities related to content production, advertising and information, hourly and one-day training will also be held by designated committees. About 250 students from environmental and related sciences have applied for the project, which will be implemented in 10 provinces of Iran in 2019.

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