Brief Description: The program was organized from the 2nd to the 10th 
September 2018 and included scientific and cultural workshops such as “Social and Environmental Sciences in Iran”, “Investigating Global Environmental Challenges, Solutions and Approaches”, “Getting to Know Persian Language”, “Getting to Know Iranian Art- Islamic”, etc., with various cultural, historical and natural visits. During these days, in addition to acquainting the audience with the culture and history of different cities of Iran, different workshop and discussion was held between international students and students of the host universities in
Isfahan, Mashhad, Semnan and Gonbad, in addition to engaging different universities with the idea of internationalization and dialogue to create an
interdisciplinary approach to save the environment.

Date and Place: 2-10 September 2018.

Duration: 8 days

Participants: Students and youths from 52 different countries.

Number of participants: 80 people

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