Brief Description: Considering the problems in desertification in the world and also social and economic impacts of this issue led to a thinking room with experts, postgraduate students and environmental activists. The first session of the talk series organized by WADI.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Hassan Ahmadi (Professor of Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Tehran), Dr. Gholamreza Zahhtabian (Professor of Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Tehran and Head of International Center for Desert Studies, University of Tehran), Dr. Behzad Raygani (Assistant Professor Department of Environment, College of Environment) and Mr Qasem Haghani (Deputy Director General of Tehran Department of Natural Resources and Watershed Management).

Date and Place: June 1st, 2016

Duration: 1 month

Participants: Students and youth from around the country.

Number of participants: 100 people.

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