Since 2017, we have worked with local communities and national governments via region-wide initiatives to engender sustainable development and youth education on every level. WADI is an accredited organization, creates education and adventure opportunities and experiences for youths and students from across the world. We have gathered 200 participants from 85 different countries in our last three events. WADI is committed to providing high-quality service that is consistent and professional. We try to make sure every single participant in our events will be satisfied and will be back home with unique experiences and amazing memories from Iran. WADI is dedicated to make Iran a new destination for youth who wish to attend in international events, conferences, Persian language courses, Islamic studies workshops, exchange program, volunteering experiences. In WADI we are trying to present Iran to the world youth, as it really is, not like it is portrayed in the media.
We started our work as a group of students from University of Tehran from different levels of study and disciplines. Our early project was dedicated to increase public awareness about environmental challenges among people. Our program was accredited by University of Tehran and we had volunteer members from different universities in Iran. Since 2014, we have organized different lectures, seminars, conferences, workshops, festivals and competitions, all toward to have a more environmentally friendly society. Now WADI is the leading youth-run initiative which creates international opportunities in Iran for youth from around the world.

Ali Hamdian
Chief Executive Officer
Hamideh Hamidian
Vice Chief Executive Officer
Sayyad Sheykhi
Chief Operating Officer
Ehsan Hashemi
Maryam Saffariha
Negin Samadzadeh
Samira Vahidian