Brief Description: The purpose of this program was to building a bridge
between the future leaders of the environment in order to increase the environmental activities and conservation of natural resources by applying the
latest scientific findings, which can continue the process of transferring the
successful experiences in this field. To have it right, conservation of the environment, prevention of environmental pollution, desertification, watershed
management and forestry were the main topics of the meeting.

In fact, students and youth of are the future leaders of the environment and fortunately this meeting was attended by young leaders from different countries of the world. During the meeting, the participants had taken part in five training courses, two cooperative workshops, two scientific visits and several cultural visits to the historical monuments of the cities of Tehran, Karaj and Kashan.

Date and Place: March 2-8, 2017

Duration: 6 days

Participants: International students and youths from 39 countries and Iranian students.

Number of participants: 50 people

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